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starter: Char



Middle name. She really was serious. He was still so unsure about things. He had been rejected so much it was hard to understand that people cared about him. He looked away tentatively and nodded. “Okay.”

He smiled and nodded. She was simply loving, sweet, kind. She wanted nothing but him and that is what he would give her. The best of him. He laughed a bit. “Okay, I’ll get them next time we go to the kitchen.

He had only seen glimpses of her out at night. Her aura shining bright in his vision as she weaved through the trees and brush. He blushed again and kissed her. “Thanks…I tried to learn at the community center but it didn’t work out so well.” He blushed again. “I just thought…woods…wolf…snuggles…camping.” he admitted. “We can talk and just ya know be a couple and junk.”

"Thanks, Knox." She said softly and sighed. "I don’t like it when you call yourself that, you know… its like when if i kept saying i was a freak of nature, that i was a monster, that all i ever did was hurt people, you wouldn’t like that, right?" SHe asked him softly , looking in his eyes. "I know that you’re still struggling with everything that went on, and that you’ll take ages to feel welcome and wanted and safe and everything… and its just hard to hear someone that you love call themselves a screw up…" She sighed again and closed her eyes for a second. "Sorry…" She whispered softly. She kinda wished she had  kept her mouth shut, but it was too late for that. 

"Thank you, pumpkin." She beamed. "Being this little has some advantages though, i look cute." the girl laughed softly before running her fingers through her hair and moving her fringe out of her face. 

She sighed happily. “You’re my awkward teenage boyfriend dork.” She grinned and  kissed him. “It sounds perfect, and dont worry about the issues with swimming, kie kinda doggy paddles… even when he’s not a dog, its quite funny watching him… i saw a gif of a puppy doing it once.” She laughed and then took his hands, pulling him over to his bed. 

"Its cuz you aren’t. You are sweet, loving, cute and funny. Girl or wolf you are amazing and you never hurt people. " He looked into those beautiful eyes and say the feelings that lingered there. He was struggling, still dealing with the fact that happiness was within his reach. That people cared about him, his welfare. He was so used to being overlooked and pushed aside that he did believe that there was something wrong with him. Kissing her nose, he shook his head. "No need to apologize."

"You are not just cute, but beautiful as well" he said squeezing her hand. He nuzzled her, catching a whiff of her shampoo. He smiled happily. Anything to make her happy.

"Geek. Not a dork." he corrected jokingly then laughed as he tried to imagine his foster brother doggy paddling. Sighing, he walked with her to the bed. "Snuggles…you read my mind."

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My Muse has gone skinny dipping only for their clothes to be stolen!

Will your Muse help them? Stare? Were they the thief?

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"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."




Knox turned and smiled. He noticed the envelope in her hands. “Oh how clumsy of me. These are the final plans and financials for our fundraiser. Thank you so much.” he replied.

"Alright" he said with an equal smile as they began to walk. First, they passed a bead store, then a thrift shop, vintage clothes in the window. A gallery across the street had paintings and sculptures being worked on by young artists. "Its about a block from here. Henry is great. He always has great stuff. He donated to our charity auction last year. Wonderful nostalgia toys. I am a bit of a geek you see."

Wynter soaked it all in like a sponge, absorbing the atmosphere all around her. This was amazing…This was the sort place she’d always wanted to live in. She could thrive here, expand here. It was the perfect location for her. “Yeah? Sounds like heaven.” she confessed. “There is nothing wrong with geekery. I myself am a bit of a geek in several areas.” she chuckled.

A place like this. It was alive, it had its own pulse. A creative surplus. He knew he wasn’t meant to live here. He was a warrior, a fighter, being here would corrupt the wonderful vibe that made its home here. Didn’t mean he couldn’t visit though. “Oh really? I am a comic book fan mostly, and Star Wars.”

Making their way to the store, the vintage looking storefront always made him smile. Toys and collectibles stood displayed in the window. “Henry’s Calvade. I hope you like it.” he grinned as he opened the door.

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A tangled knot




"Ah…okay" he replied quietly, his body still humming with the new energy he had received. He could feel everything around him, he could feel his Grace move through his veins. "Consummate? Now? Here? Oh dear…"

Alessia chuckled.”No,not here.But they will want us to be loud. And well, the gods will know.”

His face went red as she chuckled at him. Yes, she was beautiful and they were married, but they only met today. So many things had happened today. He met his future wife, he showed her his wings, they were wed, he became immortal, and now…this? “Loud?” he asked then turned a brighter shade of red. “I do not want to offend but…this is a bit of pressure. I mean I am not a virgin, but this is nothing I have ever encountered.”

Taking her hand, he kissed it. “But for the sake of our union and the peace between Gods and Angels, I will do my best to satisfy you.”

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"Knox Maxwell Caulfield"




Call my muse by their full name and see how they react.

He blinks in surprise. “You know my middle name? Did I ever tell you it?”

"Ah, well, I don’t use it much. Almost thought I might go by that name for a while. Glad I didn’t."

"Well I like Maxwell. You wil always be my Knox." He nodded at him.

He blushed a bit then smiled. “Thanks Emmett. You really are a good friend.”

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Text messages from my muse to your muse


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ツ- for an envious text

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Central Park South - New York City

submitted by: imagesbyandrew, thanks!

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Knox Caulfield

A sly smile slipped across Cara’s plump lips. The cops were all high strung men who took their jobs very seriously and protected their files with their lives. She had tried once to go take a look at the file herself but quickly chickened out when one of the cops bombarded her with questions and glared continuously at her. She had shortly learned from the locals that the man was a sucker for a pretty woman in a low cut dress, and who knew how to work her body. She hadn’t gotten around to venturing back into the station, but now was a better chance then ever; plus she had back up this time.

The brunette rolled off her gloves and tossed them in the waste bin, and proceed to push the body back into it’s grey box in the wall. With confidence and a wide grin she turned to Knox, “Shall we go?”

What was she planning? And how did it involve him. Hell if he was getting pinched for a hunter he just met. A vampire hunter he just met. He’d go along with it to an extent but if it got dicey, he was all smash and grab. The coroner’s office had been his first stop. Seeing the body, then piecing it together with the the current case files would confirm or deny his theory.

He grunted softly at her grin, nodding. He had to be careful around this one. Get what he needed and see where this case led. With or without her. “Yea, let’s get to it.”

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The Devil’s Mission / Closed



The soldier’s mind moved quickly to figure out a new plan. He knew where to go to get to hostage away from harm but he couldn’t go there with these assholes on his tail. Things were going to get difficult pretty quickly if he did. He had to lose them. He nodded when the target strapped himself in and turned quickly. 

Despite the size, this car moved fine around the tight turn and kept going. The other cars behind him, not so much. He’d have about five minutes before they’d catch up with him so he’d have to make himself, undetectable. A few more turns, less dangerous got them to a more populated area. The soldier found a parking garage and went that way, hoping the building would give him some cover. He searched the vehicle for some way to contact his superiors. 

He was at the mercy of this man. He didn’t know what to do or how to react in this. He was trapped. At least for now. At the mercy of his one time kidnapper turned savior, he knew at any moment, he could die.

The chase seemed intense, moving through the scattered traffic. The soldier seemed to know what he was doing. Where he was going, not so much. A few more disorientating turns and they moved into a denser area. A parking garage….a good place for a temporary reprieve. When they parked, a fleeting thought of escape came and went. Watching him struggle for a way to communicate. “GPS? Cell phone?” he asked quietly, trying not to aggravate the situation.

Bucky pulled open a few compartments and found a communicator in the glove box. He grumbled and stuck it in his ear, turning it on waiting for a moment to see what would happen. No one was on the other end yet. Perhaps they forgot he existed. Bucky looked back at his target, giving him a look that said, shut up. He then pressed the button so he could talk. 

"The mission was a bust. Everyone is dead but the target."

He waited but there was no answer. The soldier repeated his message again but no one was replying. He pulled the dumb piece out of his ear and cursed, searching again. Bucky looked back at the man and growled. “You really think I have a cellphone?” he asked, giving him a dubious look.

Staying silent as his captor tried to communicate with his companions, he hoped no one would answer. Without a chain of command, this man seemed to flounder. He could use this to his advantage, find a chink in his armor to manipulate.

Blinking nervously at the growl, he shifted in the seat. Instead of answering the question, he pulled out his own phone, a bit scuffed but not damaged, amazingly.  “I do…uh…use it…its a cheap pay as you go thing…just don’t shoot me.”

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Closed || More Than I Expected



"Oh yes, one of the facilities I assisted was a private care facility. We will operate efficiently and calmly." he explained setting his things on the table. Opening a folder, he handed her an overview of a care session. "Our dogs are trained with the basic commands and are house broken. The cats have all been socialized and are accustomed to handling. The sessions last about an hour or so. Ideal for those who are unable to currently adopt."

She seemed knowledgeable as well as readily concerned with the welfare of her clients. He liked that. Professional and understanding. A great combination. “Me? Well, as corny as it sounds, I was an awkward kid, shy around the neighbor kids. I would play with the strays in the neighborhood. They were so kind to me despite the desolate lives they had been given. I was inspired to help them. I am proud to say that I am.”

"So, do you have any possible candidates for a trial run of the program?"

Emma listen carefully about what he had to tell about the program. Although he sounded very confident in his case she knew that it was not all gonna be that easy. Most of the clients they had here were wealthy, and she was not sure how they would react to have a dog or a cat walking around in one of their sessions. She looked at the handed folder, studied the pictures and texts and wondered who could possibly be interested in such sessions.

"You, were awkward?" she said with a little smile. From the way he looked now she would never had guessed him to be one of the quiet children. "Animals give you unconditional love, right? Though I am little impressed you never got pit by one of the strays. We once had a stray dog sneaking into our apartment complex and it bit the janitor. I guess it was scared." she sighed and gave him back the folder.

"I can think of a few elderly ladies, and one or two men who could properly benefit from this. They all live by themselves, but they are not allowed to have animals in their apartments" she explained to him. "So, when do we start on it? I’ve got the green light from my boss. He’s not so much here at the moment, so I guess it’s the two of us who have to run this."

He always felt a bit nervous after a presentation. Yes, he could explain the facts, share the propaganda, answer the questions but ultimately the true success came from actual interaction. The fruit of all the labors of love.

"Oh, yes, quite. I never quite fit in. I was a foster kid you see. It was tough to adjust constantly so I became a bit of a loner. It wasn’t until after high school that I learned more about the world and found my niche." he continued. "Yes, I believe they do. Oh, why thank you. I guess I was just lucky they never saw me as a threat."

"They sound perfect. Perhaps next week? We can start slow with a little one on one. I have a perfect candidate. His name is Jasper. Three years old, friendly but not overly excitable." Placing his files back in his bag he smiled. "Just the two of us? Ah, that’s no trouble. I am just hoping that your clients will benefit from this. If its not too much trouble, could I get a little tour of the place? If it’s alright I mean."

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