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Send ⌖ for the first 3 emotions my character feels when seeing or thinking of yours.

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'Gear-Me-Up' of the day!

Hide Your Geeky Secrets With These Lockets

"These geeky lockets by Etsy Store ThreeTwelveTrinkets are a perfect way to keep your secrets close to your chest and still let your geek flag fly. The shop covers many fandoms like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel and Minecraft and even offers an option for a custom made version, so you’ve likely to find something that’s just the right fit.”

Product Page ($18-$21)

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Hey Brother in law...how are you? Excited to be an uncle for the second time?



[Text] I should buy you lot a bag of condoms but the probability of another Annabelle has me happy.

[Text] Hopefully this one isn’t red like my little munchkin.

[Text] Yeah, we can get coffee and then take little Anna back to the firehouse to steal the scene. 

[Text] I am a great uncle but only because my niece is gorgeous. 

[Text] She will love that. We will have no trouble getting her to bed that night.

[Text] Well, she gets that from her Mama. :)

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Japan || knoxcaulfield


“That’s all right.  I’m very good at apologising in Japanese,” Athena smiled, and kissed his cheek as they headed down.  “Just remember, you’re also part of a diplomatic party.  So there will be requirements.  And I bought you a tux.”

Apologizing. Oh dear. Okay, best behavior. He’d have to look up some lessons on proper etiquette in Japan on the plane just to be sure. Heading down to the luxury car that would whisk them off to the private air strip, her words finally registered. “Diplomatic party? A tuxedo?” he asked. “Okay, good manners. Good manners.”

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Wings of Fire, Throne of Ice



Hundreds? Wow. Humans didn’t have much that could compare to such a place. He looked at the symbols. Strange runes and markings he didn’t quite understand. “Its enchanted?” he asked “That is most impressive. I may be overstepping my bounds but what of your kin? Do they not reside here as well?”

She stopped, looking down as her face saddened. “I- I no longer have a family.” She sighed, walking up to her throne. “The only chance I have of keeping my throne is to marry or conceive an heir. But…no one will come near me. It’s not anything to do with me, I’m just too warm for anyone here.”

He didn’t mean to make her sad. He felt a bit of shame at his bold question. But he knew the same pain. He didn’t have a family either. But her dilemma was far worse than his. Losing her place because of who she was. He then wondered if her earlier joke about an heir was truly a joke. Perhaps…

"Oh…I see. I am sorry to hear that. I do not have a family either.  I was taken from my mother as a child and my father is not known to me. But I am sure someone will want to be with you. You are kind and generous, not to mention quite a lovely woman."

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A new addition


"I’m very lucky…" Rowan murmured a little more seriously than she anticipated. Luckily neither Knox nor her little Anna seemed to notice her sudden change in tone. Part of it was because of the hormones but most of it was because seeing how happy they were, how lucky they were made her realize how blessed she truly was. Blessed to have a loving family, a stable job, a nice home, pretty much anything they needed.

Since she was done with her soup she stood up and picked up her plate but on the way she stopped and kissed the top of Knoxs head. “I love you.” She murmured before she planted another kiss. “My silly blond husband and father of my children.” Annabelle glanced up wit her spoon in hand and smiled at her mama.

"Mama, we wed like Bwack widow." Rowan laughed and shook her head she headed to place the plate on the sink. 

"Yes we are. She called out. "We’re both reds. And if you’re right, so will the baby in my tummy."

Soon his soup was finished and he smiled. He was content. Happy. A growing family, a stable career, a home. A little life that was full of love and warmth. He felt his cheeks flush as Rowan kissed his head, then fully turn red when she kissed him again. “I love you too.” he replied without hesitation. “My beautiful, patient, loving wife and mother to my children.”

He laughed as Anna spoke. She was finished her food and now wanted more conversation with her parents. Knox reached over to wipe her face and kissed her.

"My feisty red heads. And one more? Even better." he said rising from the table,taking both their plates, then kissing his girl’s chubby cheek. "Turtles now Daddy?"

"Yes, in a minute. We just have to finish cleaning up then Turtles with Anna and baby."

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Angst, drugs, and hormones// Highschool AU Rowan & Knox



He didn’t want to mess up. A nice house like this. He didn’t want to disturb anything, even if it was the most modest thing. He didn’t want to get blamed. When she beckoned, he walked slowly behind her to the kitchen. Dinky thing, but it was clean. “Ah sure. If its okay”

He took the bottle and nodded in thanks. He took a long, deep drink and set it down. This was nice. Almost normal. “Glad to oblige. So….uh…what do we do now? Never been over to a person’s house before so…”

 Just like him, she too was feeling a little bit awkward, so she leaned against the counter of her kitchen and shrugged. “We got the movies we can watch. If not we can, like, I don’t know maybe do homework or keep on talking about ourselves.” With a small smile, she then slipped her hands inside her jeans and gave him a gentle nudge. 

"I think we should talk a bit more, get to know each other better, and then we can watch a movie. After all, we’ve got all night to hang out and tomorrow’s a Saturday so we can sleep in late."

Weird. This was all too weird. He fiddled with his water bottle for a long moment, trying to hide his discomfort. “Homework…I kinda finished it already. I am no brain or nothing but I gotta graduate to get out of this town.”

He tried not to get flustered at her nudge, his feet tangling for a moment. “Ah sure. I mean, there is not much to say. I mean, no one has really asked before so…” he said with a reluctant expression. It was true, it was Friday, foster mom was probably out at the casinos already, wouldn’t be back until late Saturday. He and his other foster siblings would be on their own. Not that they minded.

"But sure, I’m up for talking."

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Tarot Headcanons


send my muse one of the following..
  • The Fool: Something they’ve always wanted to try
  • The Magician: Something they’re very good at
  • The High Priestess: One thing they wish they knew
  • The Empress: A woman they really admire
  • The Emperor: A man they really admire
  • The Hierophant: Something they believe in
  • The Lovers: A person who makes them very happy
  • The Chariot: A place they’ve traveled or would like to travel to
  • Strength: Something they struggle with
  • The Hermit: Favorite way to spend a day alone
  • The Wheel Of Fortune: Something they wish you could change
  • Justice: A decision they wish they could do over
  • The Hanged Man: A time when they wished someone would listen to them
  • Death: Someone they really miss
  • Temperance: Their ideal day
  • The Devil: Who they talk to when dealing with big issues
  • The Tower: Something that changed their life
  • The Star: Someone they consider perfect
  • The Moon: Something they fear
  • The Sun: Their happiest memory
  • Judgement: Their favourite song(s)
  • The World: Their dream job
  • The Criminal: Custom questions

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A sworn duty// Knox & Rowan// medieval AU



His duty was attend to her wishes. Whether he agreed with them or not. He was to make her happy, aide her in her duties, whatever and wherever they may take him. His duty. His honor. Her smiled warmed his heart. A true smile. It had been a while since he had seen one. Nodding in understanding he offered a small smile of his own. “I see. Very clever.”

He had to admit, his cheeks were red, like his mistresses hair. Only use her titles when in the presence of others, especially those of higher caste. Indeed they were cumbersome but they implied respect and an understanding of the social class. “I understand and will oblige…Rowan.” he replied, the informality strange on his lips. “Is there anything else you wish to know of me?”

Since he’d agreed to everything she’d requested, Rowan had nothing else to ask of him other than to keep walking with her. An idea then popped into her mind and she turned to face him so she could look him in eyes when he answered her question. “Have you been to your quarters yet?” She asked. If he had then she wanted to know what he thought of them and if he hadn’t, well, she was going to take him. 

"Unlike my siblings and parents," She whispered, "I like to know that the people who work for me are happy in their quarters. My mum says it’s tiresome and unlady like to meddle with these affairs but my dad says it’s good for me to know… and to better them. He says that’s what a good queen would do."

So far, he had made a good impression. Excellent. It was favorable to be in your mistress’s good graces. To be of use to her, to be a companion she could depend and rely on. Then, if it was fated to be, trust could be built from it. Stopping as she did, he looked back at her. He had to admit, she was as lovely as they described her to be. Fair skin, brilliant red hair, eyes of sapphire blue. A vision of beauty and grace.

"No, My….Rowan I have not. I was to report to you as soon as I arrived. I was told my belongings were to be escorted to my chambers. My first duty is your comfort and care. I can attend to my affairs after you retire for the day."

"I must agree with your father." he replied keeping his voice low and plain. "It shows compassion and care. To be at the heart of things. For the ruler of our great land is the heart of it. If kindness flows from them, it spreads to the people." he continued then stiffened. He was a bit embarrassed. He had said too much.

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He was pretty sure the captain Rowan had chartered would be discreet but it was best to cover all bases. Another kiss against her cool lips, slowly building up in tension and passion. He felt his mind race with excitement, the wanting resurfacing. He felt the prick of her fangs and tried not to shiver. They were beautiful.

He leaned over, gently pushing her hand away so he could see them clearly. He touched them lightly,smiling all the while. “Its good that you said it. I want you to be honest with me. I love you. It was chance that brought us together.” he explained “But understanding that set us down this path. Love formed and here we are. We may have had to leave where we started, but that’s not where we leave it.” Removing his hand, he kissed her again, letting the prick of her fangs fuel him along.

The way he so lovingly touched her fangs made her heart clench with love for him. How could she have been so lucky to be there with him, safe from persecution from the king and completely in love. And his words? They just made her feel more in love with him, if that was even a thing. her lips then met with his and they kissed fervently to the point she knew her fangs were pricking his skin.

She then pulled away and kissed her way down his chest, gently nipping and sucking as she went along. “I’m never going to leave you. And when I tell you that I’ll love you forever I mean it. Forever is right.”

He never knew her as a human. He had heard the stories but he wasn’t there. He didn’t know what her life was like or what her original life path was. Right now it didn’t matter. His life, his seemingly never ending life would be with her. It just felt right. His dreams were of her. Those odd visions…of her…

Soft growls and moans of passion escaped his lips as her fangs nipped at his skin, quickly healing seconds after. More. More. He wanted more. He felt her move down his chest, making his skin charge with energy. His own fangs emerged as she looked at him, those eyes consuming his vision. “Forever. That is what I give to you.” he replied. “For the one who changed my life. For the one who made me whole.”

He pulled her on top of him and kissed her again, hands passionately yet tenderly grasping at her soft, pale skin.

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You see my muse pole-dancing at a strip-club for the main event. What do you do about it? ~Char (Because i saw this as a meme and i was just like gaeidhungskmf hehehe)



Knox couldn’t believe his eyes. Charlotte, his girlfriend, pole dancing….his eyes were honed in on her. He…..wow…

"Dont be sorry." She smiled and kissed him. "I dont mind, really. And… , like, do you mind me asing if you’ve ever… ya know… before…" She smiled shyly at him. 

She laughed a little. “Well, mum has a lot of contacts.” She told him with a grin. “So, its just one of those things.” She shrugged. 

She nodded and stood up, stretching a little before holding her hand out to him. “Is it cold out?” SHe asked him as she started to lead him back towards the backstage door.

"Uh, no…I’ve never…well…you know." he managed to say with his cheeks turning a strange shade of red. Another point to Charlotte. Damn she was good. He did have to admit that he had thought of it. That…with her…damnit.

His foster mother. She was pretty well connected. She did used to be a vampire. She was a hybrid now right? “Ah, I see. Well, I will have to thank her then.”

"Not too cold. Just a light jacket." he replied, trying to ignore the fact that eyes were on them again. He took her hand and followed her backstage.  As they walked, he squeezed her hand.

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♦ ~Char (Can i just say that i am really really sorry about spamming you with these things)



♦: Slow dancing

Prom. A time of tuxes and limos, dresses and awkward teenage romance. Knox was still a bit unsure on the whole idea but Char wanted to go and he never wanted to disappoint her. Still, he was still nervous about the whole thing, especially dancing. So here they were, practicing to some cheesy ballad. “Ugh, I am never going to get this.”

Char saw the warrior in him too, but she knew that as long as Knox stayed strong, he would stay Knox.And if he was an angel or not, it wouldn’t stop her loving him in exactly the same way. She would be hopelessly devoted to him no matter who or what he was.

She stopped moving and smiled at him before pecking him on the lips. “I wont be long…” She told him then dashed off to her room to quicklly get changed into a new black 50’s style dress she’d bought and her shoes. They were perfect, even to her. Plus, she saw them and thought of knox, and she fell in love with them.image

He tilted his head in confusion and nodded. She was always surprising him. Showing him more ways that she loved him. That she was the one he was meant to be with. His flames would protect and nurture her. Warm and tender.

He waited for her to come back and smiled when she did. That dress was beautiful especially on her pretty form. Then he saw the pumps. He shook his head, approached her, held her face and kissed her, spinning her. “Char, those are amazing. You look amazing. Oh my…I think I am…oh yes…” he said excitedly then kissed her again.

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In a New York Minute ~ Knox & Gelert


The blond beamed when Knox responded. ‘One day’ implied that there would be more days to come…and he most definitely liked the sound of that.  However, the expression fell away at the other man’s solemnity; Gelert wanted his friend to smile…to not be sad…but that was an old hurt…one he wasn’t sure he could take away.

At Knox’s faint smile, Gelert felt himself thrum softly.  Yes smiles were what this man deserved…and if he could be the one to make them happen, then all the better.  “So…maybe once we’re done here for the day, we could grab a drink somewhere?” he asked hopefully.  “Maybe a bite to eat?”

When the offer was made to eventually make his position a bit more permanent, the blond grinned practically from ear to ear  “So, working with the animals on a regular basis, then?  Helping them find good homes?  Yes!  I…think everyone deserves a family…people who’ll care and look out for them.  I…I’d like to help you with that.”  

Gelert didn’t even realize his words could have a double meaning until after they were said…but it didn’t matter.  He had no reason to hide how he felt…even if he didn’t fully understand it.  It was as if Knox was already his Master…which was absurd.  At least…it wasn’t something that had ever happened to him before.  Sure, he could eventually figure out with relative accuracy if someone would make a potentially good Master…but this was entirely different.  This was like Knox had already accepted the role…and it felt wonderful!

It was a bad habit of his. Speaking about his past often caused him to be a bit sad. He usually hid them well. For a strange reason he didn’t feel the need to with Leo. It would pass as it always did, but it would never truly go away. That scar would always be a part of him.

Knox nodded slightly. It grew into something a bit more natural and genuine. A nice little outing with a new friend. He could ask more about the man’s life. What he had seen in his many years of wandering. What the world was like, how the world had changed, how much it hadn’t. “Sounds good. What are you in the mood for? I know a few places.

"Yes. After a little orientation and training you can be a regular volunteer. With a little effort and hard work, I think you can be a great addition to our staff, even if its only a couple days a week. And maybe we can hang out after or work on some events together. We have our bi-monthly pups in the park event." He smiled again, a bit brighter now. "I would really like that Leo. Thank you."

He wasn’t sure why he felt so open with Leo, his words struck a cord with him. Made him a bit more sure that this man was indeed someone who would be a part of his life. In what capacity he wasn’t sure of yet.  “Leo…I dunno why I am saying this, but I am really glad I met you. I am glad we are going to be friends and if you ever need me….just ask. I will do my best to be there for you.”

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"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."




Knox turned and smiled. He noticed the envelope in her hands. “Oh how clumsy of me. These are the final plans and financials for our fundraiser. Thank you so much.” he replied.

"I tend to fluctuate. I love Green Arrow and Captain America. But I do love Nightwing. I do like Hellblazer. I kinda feel a kinship to Constantine." he said with a dry chuckle. Demons,magic, spells. Almost too close to home. Pushing those thoughts away,he smiled. "Clones wasn’t too bad. I mean if you had to name one as the best. But Empire Strikes Back. That was the best by far."

"Very welcome" he said as he followed her in. Toys from the past decade lined the shelves, some even older than that. Posters, even fast food meal prizes. He heard Henry’s voice further into the shop chatting to another patron. "Take a look around. I am sure you’ll find something. I always do."

"Mmm, I do love Hellblazer. The movie was absolute rubbish, which broke my heart, but the television show looks promising. They actually made him blond." she chuckled, shaking her head. Oh Hollywood and how often they fucked with books and comics she loved, why did she still bother with it?

"Empire was amazing, but Return of the Jedi will always be the closest to my heart. It was the first one I saw when I was little." she explained, waiting for backlash. Most people couldn’t get behind Jedi because of the ewoks, but come on man, speeder bikes. She’d wanted the hell out of speeder bike when she was little….Hell, she still wanted one.

Wynter saluted, wandering off down an aisle to flip through some comics. She was most certainly going to find something here, she could just tell.

"Oh yes, the movie was a disappointment. I really do think that if the director doesn’t have passion for the original content it affects the movie. But you are right, I do have hopes for the show. This season’s tv schedule is shaping up to be interesting."

"Jedi was pretty good, I mean, the scenes on the speeder bikes were great. And I did so enjoy the final redemption of Vader. And only in the original version, not the edited edition with the new guy." he explained. Yea, most people didn’t care for Ewoks but look at Jar Jar…eugh.

Chuckling to himself, he headed towards the collectibles area, checking out the new action figures and statues. A couple of these would look great on his shelf. Especially that Nightwing. He glanced at his new friend and smiled. This was shaping up to be a good day. “Find anything?” he asked

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