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"How'd you get this?"

Send me “How’d you get this?” For my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars and asking how they got it.

Knox smiled weakly, memories coming back to him. That scar on his shoulder, extending down his arm. “Bad fight when I was 15. Two guys jumped him and beat me good. Knife caught me and scratched deep. Left me with this.”

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Tell me why you followed my blog


anon or not.

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Send me a √ if you ship your character with mine.

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Send “✖” If you think that I’m playing my character properly



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Reblog if you don’t mind RPing ships without smut

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Reblog if you don’t mind RPing ships without smut

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Send “I’m in love with you.” to see how my muse reacts.

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Put 2 celebrities in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

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Send my muse kisses you want to give them!

  • ✚ for a kiss on a wound.
  • ♕ for a kiss of swearing fealty.
  • ✿ for a sweet kiss on the cheek.
  • ♠ for a kiss that leaves a mark on the skin.
  • ♆ for a kiss where there is a pulse.
  • ϡ for a kiss that lets you know I love you.
  • ღ for a kiss filled with passion and need.
  • † for a kiss to say good bye forever.
  • ✄ for hateful kiss — gonna make you feel the scorn okay?!
  • ☂ for a kiss in the rain.

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Our founders (…) divided us into five groups, factions, to keep the peace.
The smart ones, the ones who value knowledge and logic are in Erudite. They know everything.
Amity farm the land. They’re all about kindness and harmony, always happy.
Candor value honesty and order. They tell the truth even when you wish they wouldn’t.
And then there’s Dauntless. They’re our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless and free. Some people think Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.
My faction is Abnegation. The other all call us “stiffs”. We lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to helping others. We even feed the factionless, the ones who don’t fit in anywhere. Because we’re public servants we’re trusted to run the government.
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The Devil’s Mission / Closed





This guy was trained. Who was he? Military? Mercenary? The pain in his shoulder was interfering with his focus. He had to stay calm. He had to get away. He had been pinned, the other man was strong, unnaturally so. This would be difficult. He didn’t want to hurt the man, he was only human. That aura……..it was so cold, so worn and beaten…….he almost felt sorry for him.

"I am sorry, but I will not go with you" he said in a ragged tone. His fingers were digging into the gash, pain was winning. He had to escape.  He felt his skin grow warm, his powers activating. ‘Keep it in check’  he thought. Sparks formed in the air, bright and hot. More and more appeared, sending waves of heat into the air. With the pain spreading he couldn’t fully control his manifesting wings. It was a risk he was willing to take. Struggling again, he gripped at the man’s arm, feeling the cool metal underneath the material of his jacket. Just what was he?

The soldier was never told the full story about the target he was sent after. Just the basics were given. Enough for him to track down his mission and kill or obtain the target. his mission however there was definitely something major being left out. “Какого черта?” he grumbled looking around at the sparks filling the air. What had they sent him after? This wasn’t human. 

The soldier snapped back to the matter at hand when there was a grip on his arm. “No apologies necessary,” he replied before pulling the man up and haphazardly throwing him over his shoulder. He’d really had enough of this mission already.

What was he speaking? Nothing he remotely understood, slavic? He was no good with languages. Not like it mattered now, he had to get away. His breathing grew shallow and rapid, his movements careless and frantic. Panic and fear were clouding his thoughts. His manifesting wings burning the air before sputtering in and out of view. Damnit.

With a hard thump he was pulled and flung over the attacker’s shoulder. His wound pulsed and radiated with pain. Pushing it away, he gripped the man’s arm strange arm again, focusing his power into his hands. He let his power out, hopefully it would be enough. ‘Come on, come on’

The soldier held a face of displeasure and mumbled that he acquired the target before stating his location. This was almost too easy he thought feeling barely exhausted by their fight. He walked a bit and waited for his car. “Hey, would you quit that?” he grumbled, tearing the other man’s hand away from his metal arm. He cursed in Russian and fixed the sleeve. 

This man was just a soldier. His strings were being pulled by someone else. Who? Who knew of his powers? Why did they want them? Those thoughts were pushed away by the shame he felt that he was captured so readily. By a human. Damnit all.

"What do you want with me?" he demanded as he tried to struggle. The pain was causing his arm to go numb, taking with it strength. The adrenaline that pulsed through him during their confrontation had faded. Now, only fear and desperation were left. "Why? Talk to me damnit!"

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“Boop” (it would most likely be on the nose, she likes to boop people there)




"Agh!" he said swatting in front of his face. "Char come on, I’m trying to be a gentleman here" he said with a sarcastic grin. It was their first real outing as ‘maybe more than friends’ and he was already tense. He had worn his nice shirt and taken her to a movie and a dinner at the local diner. Now  they were on the way back to her house and the conversation had dwindled into an awkward silence when she poked his nose.

"Sorry…….I just don’t want to mess this up……cuz…….I really like you Char…..and um……." he said leaning into kiss her lips gently. "Sorry."

He leaned into her touch, his eyes connecting with hers. He felt happy. Like really happy. Maybe it was okay, this was okay. Being with someone. Shaking his head slowly he replied. “You make me smile. I can’t help it anymore.”

"I will. I promise." he replied with a small kiss to her cheek. He gave her butterflies. She gave him butterflies. She made him feel like he was normal. Just a normal, dorky teenager. He really did like her. Maybe…one day…no…it was too early to thinking of those things. He had to think about graduation. It would come sooner than he realized. That would mean leaving here, her. That scared him a little bit. "Thanks for saying that. You are going to be amazing too. You are. You make me feel all tingly and weird, like I could just do crazy stuff." he nuzzled her then kissed her tenderly on her lips before sighing.

Charlotte grinned  at him and nuzzled his nose with her own. “Well… i am very happy that i make you smile.” She said cheerfully. “I’m almost always happy, i think that its contagious.” She giggled.

She listened to him and blushed lightly. “I know that little tingly and weird feeling and stuff… Like, whenever you hug me or kiss me or anything… actually… whenever i’m near you.” She said, smiling at the nuzzling and the kiss. She kissed him back and then cocked her head to the side a little at the sigh. “Happy sigh or sad sigh?” she asked softly. She still had some trouble telling the difference.

She smiled softly when he promised and kissed her cheek. She chewed her lip as she thought for a little while. “Soo… i know that its still pretty early and everything, but, would you like to go to prom with me?” She asked with a bright smile. “I was going to ask you before, you now… when we were still just friends and everything, butnnow i have even more reason to ask and stuff…”

He felt his skin grow hot as she nuzzled him. The sparks grew brighter and more numerous as she did. “Yes, it is contagious. And this smile is just for you. My true smile. Its just for you.” he admitted.

"Same for me." he smiled holding her happily. "Its a good feeling, it makes me feel connected to you. Happier. Safe. Comforted. All of this. I cannot wait until your mom becomes my foster mom. I am nervous though. And happy sigh. Always happy sigh."

She looked confused for a moment. Then his face grew hot. Prom? He and her? Prom? What the? “Me and you? At Prom? I don’t have a suit or nothing? Me? Really? Wow. I…yes…yes…I will. With you. Yes.”

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{mistake meme} Char stood up and stepped in front of Knox, blocking him from his father. "Your son isn't a mistake." She growled. "He's the best damn thing that i have ever had i'm my life and i can never ever express how much i actually need him... its just not possible. He's not a mistake... he's my boyfriend and he means the world to me."


My muses father just told them they were a mistake, what does your muse do/say to that?

Never in a million years did he ever think he would meet his father. Now, here he was. With words that cut his heart. He was a mistake. An error. He hoped what he had come to believe wasn’t true. But it was. He wanted to cry. But the tears refused to come. He heard Char’s voice speak. Her words filled with truth and emotion. He wanted to hug her then. He froze. The angel that was his father stood stoic and sighed. “Fine” he said tersely

Char clenched her fists and took a deep breath so that she wouldn’t shift into the wolf and bite him. “He’s not a mistake though.” She said in a slightly calmer tone. “He could never be a mistake, the day that you made him is… well, the best day ever, in my opinion.” She let out a slow breath. “My name isn’t werewolf. Its Charlotte.” She told him. “You sinned…” She said after a little pause. “You must have sinned for Knox to have been created. Angels that are connected to heaven shouldn’t sin… therefore you are the one that’d got the fault, you’re weak and gave into Satan’s temptation…” no doubt he’d have some sort of excuse, he seemed like the sort. She turned around and kissed Knox softly. “Hey… you’re not a mistake, you’re mine and… i love you.” She whispered quietly to him, kissing his cheek before turning back to his father.

The angel stood still, quickly calculating a counter attack if she did assault him. “I did break a tenant of Heaven.” he admitted. “Angels do not sin. As I said, I made a mistake. Earth and its emotions overcame my senses. His mother…my wounds…”

Knox, unable to speak, took her kiss, tears threatening to overflow from his eyes. Her soft words. Mine? Love him? She loved him? What was happening? “Char” he whispered

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