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Rough Storms||Closed||Knox and Mina




Damnit all. She looked miserable and scared. Afraid of everything. Damnit all. Her father did this to her. He made her this way. So she would want to go back, feel safe with him, if only to make the pain and fear stop. That was no life, that was no way to be. Unsure and wary. Her skin was smooth against his hands, soft. Hopefully, he could comfort her.

Seconds crept by as he washed her, thoughts drifting back to those words. Those words swirling in his head, practically banging the sides of his skull in an effort to escape. No. Not right now. Just stay in the moment, stay present. Keep the fact that your heart skips a beat when she smiles at you. That when she’s next to you, you feel like the strongest being in the world. That she makes you feel loved and warm.

He took a moment to process this. She felt safe with him around. Safe. Protected. She…felt something for him. “A gun? Are you sure?” he asked, a spark of worry flashing through his gut.

Say it! Say it! Just freaking say it! That you love her! That you would do anything to protect her. That you accept her for who and what she is. That she occupies your thoughts. SAY IT!

"Mina…I…what I mean to say is…want me to wash your chest or should I step out?"


Mina blinked, flushing a dark red as she reached back, wincing as her shoulder ached. Her father had dislocated it and she’d managed to pop it back in, but it still hurt. Turning her head a bit, she shot him a wry grin.

"A little late to be shy about my almost non-existent breasts." she teased. "Do you want to wash my chest?"

He really was adorable, flushing with nervousness. It wasn’t as if Mina went about town letting anyone touch her chest but Knox would simply be washing them. Biting her lip, she shifted, kept her gaze down.

"I…I’m sure. I know they can be dangerous but….I clearly can’t defend myself as well as I thought I could." she breathed, watching him with fear and worry.

Tell him. He’s being so sweet and so gentle and if you just tell him…. she thought. Tell him, Mina. Tell him!

No healing powers. Crap. If he could he would have taken her pain away, her injuries. All he could do was give her comfort. Pathetic. Her joke went nearly unnoticed as his mind swirled with worry. “Ah, yes, and your face. With your permission of course.”

"Maybe I can help. I mean, I box and I am the son of an angelic warrior. Maybe I know something that will help. If not, then get your gun." he replied, trying to keep his calm demeanor in tact. Slowly, he washed the stains from her chest and stomach, taking his time to be modest and not stare. Then her face, those crimson eyes that seem to look right through him. Sweet lips that said the words that made him proud to know her.

"Mina…I….am so sorry."

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Hurricane Season || Knox + Lucien



"Thank you," he said with a smile. Continuing to walk, he checked his phone. Right direction. Quickening their pace, he saw the store’s neon sign glow in the gloom of the rainy day. "Here we are. We will get what we need, then get you that joe."

Promptly, he closed his umbrella once under the awning, glancing at him. “Finish that cig and come in or stay out here with it. Your choice. I’m getting you some pain medicine, ear drops and a compress.” he said firmly, stepping inside the quaint store.

   What was this guy’s problem? Or not so much a problem just…the hell did he care? What was with all of these nosy adults these days. If it wasn’t Adrik it was Alek, if it wasn’t Alek it was Knox, Priestly, Ailbe and whoever the hell else was out there.

  Mon Dieu, he thought, frowning.

   Lucien took to the awning and finished his cigarette. The air couldn’t have gotten chillier unless it had been February, and yet he was enjoying himself, standing outside, being pelted by the wrathful storm. He loved this time of year for the chaos. If only he knew how much he had in common with Lirim sometimes. There was so much they could appreciate from one another had they ever just accepted each other’s existence.

   A few glances were given inside, trying to find the goody two shoes adult. As soon as Knox returned, he was demanding to know how much everything cost so as to pay him back. 

A cat who enjoyed the rain, it was an interesting conundrum. He understood it, the uncomfortable feeling he got from all the attention. What was so special about him? Why now? He’d learn to live without it, now you shove it down his throat? Not an easy pill to swallow.

Navigating the store, he quickly located pain medication, some ear drops, compresses, as well as some cold medicine. He wasn’t sure but he figured to cover all his bases. He briefly thought of a few more things, but decided against it. Keep it minimal.

He smiled at the clerk, commenting on the grumpy kid outside. He waved it off and thanked her for her service. “What?” Knox asked. “You’re sick, you don’t need to pay me back….this time. Next time I am in town, you treat me.” he smirked. Opening his umbrella back up, he sighed. “Coffee. Come on.”

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Derek look at him. “Huh….”he started and then went to pick another necklace.


"Well, there is this one."he said and placed the necklace gently on the counter.

Knox was never good at being subtle. Though the wedding was some time ago, he was still unused to his new found abilities. His angelic senses enhanced. His other powers still coming to the surface. It was an exciting time.

"Ah, yes, I do like this one. The detail is exquisite. Where did you acquire such a piece?"

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He never said he was an exciting man. Yes, he had dreams of adventure and excitement, but they were overshadowed by dreams of a little life with a family, a house, filled with memories. Silly. Small. His. Glancing the man, he worried that he was not going to enjoy his little hobby. So far, this afternoon had been really nice. A great conversation, good company, a new friend.

Awestruck as the Asmodeus paid far too much for a few rounds and fries, he stood up, taking his coat and following him outside. Blinking a few times due to the changing light, he then turned to his companion and smiled. “Its not too far from here. A few blocks at most. Its not the most exciting thing but next time, if there is a next time, you can pick what we do.”

"Come on, I’ll show you the way."

For some reason, the lack of excitement was in it’s own way, interesting. Asmo’s life was often a rollercoaster, he was always being dragged from one place to another, always busy with something crazy. Somehow, a little bit of normalcy sounded nice. A relaxing afternoon, reconnecting with lost family.

"There will be a next time, don’t you worry about that," Asmodeus says, clapping his hand on Knox’s shoulder, following him door the street. "It’s not every day I get a chance like this, a chance to be a good person. And while I might not always be around, I will try my hardest to be there for you, to give you the family you deserve. I promise you that."

So much of Knox’s early life was a mess of emotion and confusion. What his foster family would think of him, how angry he was, could he keep a reign on his powers. All he wanted back then was a family. Something to fill the hole he felt. Little by little he was forming one of his own. A family fueled by love and understanding.

Knox smiled brightly at the fact, Asmo’s hand warm on his shoulder. “Well, I may not know you very well, but so far I think you are a good person.” he replied with firm honesty. “Th-thank you Asmodeus. Its not everyday I meet a member of my celestial family. One who has been forthcoming and offers me no ill will. I offer you the same. Not sure what I can do, but I will do my damndest to be there.”

"So, if there is going to be a next time, what are we going to do?"

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Hey Brother in law...how are you? Excited to be an uncle for the second time?



[Text] I should buy you lot a bag of condoms but the probability of another Annabelle has me happy.

[Text] Hopefully this one isn’t red like my little munchkin.

[Text] Such bias. Just don’t let her see a picture of Carrot Top or Lindsay Lohan or she’ll hate her red hair. 
[Text] We’re all different bro. 
[Text] If I was, I would be nowhere near as powerful as my sister.That love spell too strong. 

[Text] I doubt that. Mama has it and she loves her Mama.
[Text] Yup yup, look at me and Rowan.
[Text] Not a spell, natural charm.

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Duke Ellington, Jimmy Rushing, Louis Armstrong and Billy Strahorn with models at the 1962 Newport Jazz Festival

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A tangled knot


She tilted her head back and screamed in exctasy. Her body shook underneath him, from the orgasm. 

Her scream made his skin shiver. Gasping, he felt himself release into her. His wings brightened, flapping softly. Taking a shaky breath he gently pulled away from her, his wings shifting into sparks above them.  “Alessia…I…” he muttered, his senses coming back into focus. “Thank you.”

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She seemed a bit less hostile now. That was something. The way she looked at him, it made him feel strange, like he has two heads or something. “Yes. I am. I can see your holy power as well. You’re an angel? And you aren’t trying to smite me for being an abomination? Cecily, I hate to be blunt, but what is your angle?”

The other blinked, head tilted as she watched him. “Angle?” she questioned. “You haven’t tried to kill me. Why would I smite you?” 

Cecily took a step back, thinking, deliberating. “I haven’t seen many of your kind. That is all.” 

Different. Good different, not bad different. “Yea, angle. No deal or anything? Blackmail?” he asked. “I don’t know? Maybe because of the whole abomination thing? That Nephilim are technically scourges of Heaven? Insult to the Order?”

He kept close eyes on her as she thought. “There aren’t many around. At least not many I have sensed. So, if I may ask? What did you do to think Heaven wants you dead?”

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Give him a second to think, squinting at the building. “theeeeeeeeee…. First one. Like— uh. Up.” He’ll just point up a bit vaguely.

He means because the first floor is a shop, it’s the first one once you reach a landing from the stairs.

Up. This building had like 4 or 5 stories. Oh, wait…first one. Okay, that helped a bit. There was a shop on the ground floor. “Okay, we’re getting you inside.” Practically dragging the man he found some stairs and began to maneuver him up them. “Which apartment is it?”

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Hopeless Wanderer || Gabriel and Knox


"Sounds like a perfect plan!" He spread his arms wide, grinning hugely.

His smile turned into a large grin. “Thanks Gabriel. It means a lot to me that you want to spend time with me. Get to know me. Not many people do. Not very exciting and all.”

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Wings of Fire, Throne of Ice


She smiled, and leaned forward, her voice dropping to just above a whisper. “If you want, I can show you Heaven. But, as you may know, Heaven is not one singular thing. It can be a garden for one, a museum for another. But no matter what, it’s your own personal paradise. Now…my choice was an easy one. I wanted Loki to take his throne, and I wanted mine as well, for my family.” She looked upat him. “Stay, and I could give you Heaven.”

See Heaven? Was that even possible? Was this a trick? He prayed it wasn’t. Maybe he should…no, he had a life to get back to. A job he liked, friends. Give them all up. A difficult choice, nearly impossible.

"Ani…you want me to stay here? But I have a life on Earth. I don’t know if I can give it up so readily. I want to learn more about you, learn more about me. Visit each other. I just need time to decide. I’m sorry……to have disappointed you."

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Should have gone for the direct approach. But he wasn’t sure yet, if she was like him or not. He couldn’t tell but if she was, great, if not, please let her accept him. “Ah, no…” he admitted. “I meant that they are wings right? I meant they aren’t the only wings I have.”

He felt his chest grow tight. His hazel eyes frantically looking at hers. “I-I have wings…because…my father…um…was an angel. I wanted to tell you because…I care for you…and..” he stammered

Violet started to grow confused the more he stuttered through his words.”What are you getting at, Knox?” She asked, a bit hesitantly. She had no idea what to expect next.

Her eyes grew wide at his next words. “Wait.. You care for me?” She had completely skipped over the angel part, processes the last part first, but when her brain caught up, she looked even more surprised. “Wait-Angel?’

He was so bad at this. So bad at this. Letting his walls down, feeling exposed. “I have wings. Actual wings. I hide them a lot of the time. There is a good reason for it. I’ll get it to it in a minute.” he replied quickly.

Her reaction made him think this was a bad idea. Slowly, he nodded. “I do. I….am…well….feelings…” he managed to say. “Yes. My father was an angel. I-I never met him but I figured it out after I did some research. I’m half angel. I was scared to tell you because…it might mess up what we have. What we could have.”

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Japan || knoxcaulfield


Athena opened the carrier as soon as they were onboard, letting Umbra sniff around the jet.  Her laptop was already set up, good, and she stroked Knox’s side before going to the mini bar and pouring a Scotch.  “All right,” she smiled, sipping it.  “Shall I give you the tour?”

It was luxurious inside. Lush seats, the mini bar, table, television. A really nice bathroom, even the bed she mentioned before. Wow. This was nicer than his old apartment and it flew. Damn. Leaning into her touch he stepped in further, Umbra sniffing everything she could see. “Yes, please.” he smiled.

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♦ ~Char (Can i just say that i am really really sorry about spamming you with these things)



♦: Slow dancing

Prom. A time of tuxes and limos, dresses and awkward teenage romance. Knox was still a bit unsure on the whole idea but Char wanted to go and he never wanted to disappoint her. Still, he was still nervous about the whole thing, especially dancing. So here they were, practicing to some cheesy ballad. “Ugh, I am never going to get this.”

He didn’t like the idea of her changing for him. She was amazing the way she was, he didn’t want her to go through any hardships for him. “If you say so. I don’t want to change you. I fell in love with you as you are. I don’t want you to suffer because of me.”

"If the wolf wants to come out, you’ll just have to put me on a leash and pretend i’m a husky/akita or something." She told him with a grin. "I wont be suffering at all, it’ll be fine, i promise."

Her smile helped a bit. The guilt still remained. All the fuss and worry over him. It wasn’t fair. She deserved more.  “I guess. I just….worry a lot” he replied with a small nervous smile. “I believe you. I trust you.” he said holding her hand. “I do. I just…never want to see you unhappy because of me.”

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