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Love in the city of Light // Knox and Lacey



She was never heavy. Her smile made his heart flutter everytime he saw it. Her touch made him feel strong. Her presence made him whole. He nodded as soon as her lips left his. Sweet, tender lips. He smiled back at her. “Sounds perfect” he said.

Setting himself up, he pushed a button, gently kissing her as the first flash burst infront of them.  As the second flash burst, he merely looked into her eyes. The third flash…

Lacey smiled at the first kiss when the flash went off, they were just being them, and soon she was resting her forehead against his, looking into his eyes, her hand cupping his cheek. The next, her kissing his nose, then giggling.

She loved being with him, the whole world just melted away when she was with Knox. She tugged lightly on his lip as the next flash went, and she knew they were starting to get playful now.

Now he was giggling like an idiot. He could care less. He was happy. He was with the one he loved. He didn’t care about anything else right now. The next flash, he kissed her neck. The next, her hand. The next, he put his head on her shoulder. He smiled all the while, his body nearly humming with pleasure. Kissing her again, he almost forgot where he was. “Sorry.”

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People watching // Charles & Knox



Knox always liked this place, this little spot by the river. His favorite bench, a nice afternoon, a new paperback. It had all the trappings of a pleasant afternoon. Leaning back on the bench, he watched the people walk by, a calm smile on his face. His thoughts bubble up to the surface, mostly casual thoughts of what he saw.  English mixed with the language of Heaven almost seamlessly in his mind’s dialogue. No matter, not like anyone was listening.

It was a nice place, Charles would agree to that genially if someone actually brought it up- a good place that he could watch and listen, just little tastes of people, little peeks into their minds… nothing too deep, just those things that floated to the surface, going any deeper would be a bit rude- as it were, he didn’t find it rude. Just interesting. Very interesting actually, when one particular line of thought floated on past him, something not English something not Spanish something completely different— not of this world. He’d recognized some of the words though, from theology classes, and that’s when things became extremely interesting-  eyes locking onto the man who the thoughts were spilling out from.

Knox was lost in his thoughts when he sensed something. Being of a warrior line he was more intune to his surroundings than most. He looked around for a moment, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. He went back to reading. Then the feeling returned. Raising his head again, he finally noticed the man looking at him. His eyes seeming to bore into him. He furrowed his brow in confusion. Why was he staring at him? ‘What the heck?’ he thought. ‘Is he staring at me? Is there something on my face?”

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The Devil’s Mission / Closed

The soldier held a face of displeasure and mumbled that he acquired the target before stating his location. This was almost too easy he thought feeling barely exhausted by their fight. He walked a bit and waited for his car. “Hey, would you quit that?” he grumbled, tearing the other man’s hand away from his metal arm. He cursed in Russian and fixed the sleeve. 

This man was just a soldier. His strings were being pulled by someone else. Who? Who knew of his powers? Why did they want them? Those thoughts were pushed away by the shame he felt that he was captured so readily. By a human. Damnit all.

"What do you want with me?" he demanded as he tried to struggle. The pain was causing his arm to go numb, taking with it strength. The adrenaline that pulsed through him during their confrontation had faded. Now, only fear and desperation were left. "Why? Talk to me damnit!"

Maybe he’d say something. Not that it would do much. He’d much rather kill this target and face the punishment so they could see he didn’t like recover missions. The last time he tried to have an opinion, they burned it out of him, letting him remember it just to serve as a message. 

"I would like to kill you," the soldier said in a chillingly calm manner. He narrowed his eyes. "Lucky for you, that’s not going to happen." The car pulled up and he open door, shoving him in the backseat with two other guys that would hold him down. The soldier got in the passenger seat pulled out his knife to clean it.

Who was this man? This soldier? He was cold. Professional. His arm. It was as hard as his demeanor. Groaning as the pain ebbed into the rest of his body, he began to resign himself to his grim fate. He was a prisoner now. For who’s amusement or for what purpose he was still unsure of.

His voice sent shivers down his spine. The callous nature of it, it was as if it was stripped of emotion. A black car rolling up. The force of being shoved into the back. Hands on him, holding him down. The door closes. “What is going to happen then?” he asked, a tinge of angry bitterness flowing through his voice. “What?!”

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Wings of Fire, Throne of Ice



She could summon a portal. Great! He could get home. He then noticed the look on her face, the strange shimmer to her aura. It seemed something was troubling her. His worry seemed justified now. Mating season? Lonely? Her final statement made him freeze for a moment. “A child?” he managed to croak out. He had just met her. He still didn’t know much about her. His nerves and defenses went into overdrive. “A child?” he repeated. “Miss Ari…I am…wow…I am a bit overcome… oh my.”

She grinned, laughing softly, the sound like a million twinkling bells. “I’m kidding. While it is mating season, the portal still takes time. We need to wait for openings in both realms to line up-that’s when the portal will be strongest, and more likely to drop you back home.” She reached out and patted his hand. “It’s fine-I wasn’t going to do anything bad, I just wanted to make you laugh.”

Her laughter was lovely. She really fooled him. For a moment he was quite embarrassed. After he had calmed himself he listened to her calmly. Portals that had to line up. It made sense. It may take time as well. He was curious how time flowed here compared to on Earth. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be gone too long. “Ah, well…thank you. I suppose I am still a bit nervous.” he laughed. “I promise, I am not this uptight. Usually.” An awkward moment passed and he took a bite from his plate. “So, is the moon always this prevalent here? I have yet to see the sun.”

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings
  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote
  • stays up until 2am reading
  • is the bigger cuddler
  • does the laundry
  • mows the lawn
  • is better at budgeting
  • instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff)

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Wicked Game || Knox + Lirim



It was not a malicious attack, merely an active lesson with a abrupt point. Never drop your guard. Not until your opponent gives up or in unable to continue. Never. Knox had learned that lesson hard; a small, faded bruise on his chest was a reminder of it.

He saw the objects move, his Grace activated in defense causing him to move quickly out of the way quickly. Not quickly enough. He felt the impact against his body. Grace primed, his eyes glowered with a warrior fierceness; his wings scantly into view. They grew brighter and became more visible. He took a step forward, eyes still cold. He jerked and stopped. His eyes returned their softness. “Guess I went a little too far there. C-Can I get a minute?”

   He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but his cousin was attacking now, or so it seemed, with anger in his eyes. This was becoming serious, be it their grace or pride or a mixture of both. He was backed into his corner, and as the warrior stepped closer his hand extended, a white light swirled in his palm, just over his scar, his own eyes brightened, pupils slitting into their diamond star form.

   And just like that, Knox was calm again, and his hand was shaking. “O-Okay…”

He hadn’t expected that. To let his Malakim instincts take control even for a moment. That glower, that fierceness. Then in an instant, he was back. He forced his body to stop. He forced himself to calm down. This was not an enemy. This was his cousin. Lirim.

Knox retreated to his corner, breath tight in his throat. He hated that feeling, that feeling of losing control. He couldn’t take it if he had harmed Lirim. He stood, then dropped to his knees. He couldn’t even look at him. Not yet. Not until he was ready.

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"Internet friendship is not real"

Reblog if this is a lie and you have made amazing friends on the internet.

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{mistake meme} Char stood up and stepped in front of Knox, blocking him from his father. "Your son isn't a mistake." She growled. "He's the best damn thing that i have ever had i'm my life and i can never ever express how much i actually need him... its just not possible. He's not a mistake... he's my boyfriend and he means the world to me."




My muses father just told them they were a mistake, what does your muse do/say to that?

Never in a million years did he ever think he would meet his father. Now, here he was. With words that cut his heart. He was a mistake. An error. He hoped what he had come to believe wasn’t true. But it was. He wanted to cry. But the tears refused to come. He heard Char’s voice speak. Her words filled with truth and emotion. He wanted to hug her then. He froze. The angel that was his father stood stoic and sighed. “Fine” he said tersely

That response was unexpected. Maintaining his stance, he observed his son stand there, the pain on his face, the pain in his aura. He didn’t understand it, at one point he had tried. Tried. With her. A time long ago. Hearing her words put a sour look on his face. Flawed. No. Angels were conscripted to Heaven. They did not…do that.

Knox looked at her and nearly fell into her arms. He wanted to feel safe and her embrace always remedied that. “You love me?” he asked quietly

"Of course i do, Knox." She said softly and kissed his cheek, wrapping her arms around him tightly and kissing his cheek again then around his face. "I wouldn’t have said it if i didn’t."

She was gad that his father hadn’t said anything else, she’d have bitten him if he had have.

This were embraced his son. She showed affection towards him. Strange. A monster and a mistake. Together. It made him uneasy. A coupling was unheard of. The results unknown. He let loose a grunt showing his displeasure. A frontal assault would only call attention to themselves. If he were to dispose of them if would have to be discreetly.

Knox’s face grew hot when she kissed him. He panted a moment. “I-I love you too. I want-want to move to the city with you after graduation. I think you are the one for me Char. I really do.” He looked at his father. “I may be a mistake to you but I have my own life now and people that love me. I am sorry you can’t understand. I think you should either accept it and move on or kill me now.”

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Their friendship had grown little by little and it was kind of nice, really. Because they were staying true to the words of just taking it slow, to let things happened as they did. But he knew it also meant a lot of frustrations at times considering their situations came to points that Nate didn’t really know how he should react. Being a little to hesitant or cautious came on his part a lot because he didn’t want to make anything weird. Not for Knox, at least.

"I love her. Yep, I already do," he hummed ith a little laugh as he had crawled on his chest to rest on his shoulder. Letting his nose crinkle up a bit, a soft whine had escaped her when Nate had to shift her. Sleeping pup, go figure. "Hmm, Maybe Pandora?" He questioned, glancing over at Knox. It wasn’t in the names, but they got him thinking a little. He liked it, at least. Nate got in the car himself, settling the pup in his lap, making sure to rub her back to keep her at ease.

Little by little. That was the plan. He knew it was a bit frustrating at times, almost unfair at times. It was just how his heart felt. Growing up as he did, he grew cautious of love, of his feelings. That wound his mother left seemed to always linger in his mind; tainting every relationship he had. It was just hard to get over. If he could get over it.

Smiling brightly as the pup climbed over her new Daddy, he felt a bit of warmth enter his chest. Happy. Seeing Nate like that made him happy. “Pandora” he repeated. “I like it.”

Moving into traffic he navigated carefully towards the pet supply store. “Nate…I’m sorry about all this. I do like you…a lot. I guess I am just scared of…myself. Nevermind. Forget it. Today is about that little girl there.”

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“Boop” (it would most likely be on the nose, she likes to boop people there)


"Agh!" he said swatting in front of his face. "Char come on, I’m trying to be a gentleman here" he said with a sarcastic grin. It was their first real outing as ‘maybe more than friends’ and he was already tense. He had worn his nice shirt and taken her to a movie and a dinner at the local diner. Now  they were on the way back to her house and the conversation had dwindled into an awkward silence when she poked his nose.

"Sorry…….I just don’t want to mess this up……cuz…….I really like you Char…..and um……." he said leaning into kiss her lips gently. "Sorry."

He nodded in agreement. Not many people tried to get to know him. They wrote him off and left him alone. After a while, he was used to it, even pushing people away himself. It was just easier. Not Char. She…was special.

She was right. He was not used to feelings, feeling wanted, needed and cared for. Things were changing and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it.  Still, he wanted to try. He wanted to take that chance at being happy. Taking her kiss, he then nodded. “Yea, I did some drugs. Weed and um, other things. It didn’t do much. Angels, they have resistance to alcohol and hard drugs. It takes like a crap ton of booze for them to get drunk or a buttload to get high. I’m only half but it still is hard for me to get buzzed so I used…harder things.” he muttered, looking away from her.

"They already know we hang out. And its not like we are going to announce it or anything, but I don’t really mind if people find out. Not like it matters. I care about you. I really like your mom and even your brother, sometimes." He kissed her again, loving the feel of her fingers in his hair. "I am happy and to me you are perfect."

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One, two punch



"Probably." he agreed, rooting for his phone. "But what I want to share is with you, My Lady." He blushed as she pulled on one of his tee shirts, his Jedi Academy one with the faded logo. She looked…damn…really good. Pulling his attention back to his task, he nodded. "Be right there." he called after beginning to dial.

After a moment, he strode back in, loose fitting sweat pants riding nicely on his hips. “It’ll be here in 20.” Sitting next to her, he nuzzled her neck, kissing it gently.

Athena looked at him with open admiration, stroking Umbra’s spine.  “Daddy’s pretty hot, isn’t he?” she said to the cat, who meowed.  “Yeah.  Totally hot.”

Quiet moments like this he loved. The intimacy, the calm, the feeling of being wanted. It was simply a beautiful thing to the halfling. Being with the woman who loved him, clad in one of his shirts, in their home. What could be better. “Well, Mama, is not so bad looking herself.” he murmured, continuing to kiss her. “How’d I get so lucky?”

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knoxcaulfield || A Nervous Wreck.



Memories like that made him angry, made him scared. Scared that they could come back and threaten his family. He didn’t want to think of it. It still floated in the back of his mind. That little devil on his shoulder.

"Yes, staying present and in the moment. They grow up so fast" he commented as Michael and the other twin ran about the playground, crawling under the jungle gym. "A natural is someone who intuitively knows how to do something. You are a natural with your boys, you seem to know what you what to do without anyone telling you."

Clay purred at his embrace, breathing slowly to suggest that the boy was sleeping soundly. That’s good; definitely gave Theo more time to talk to Knox about… stuff. Mostly about parenting, really. “Am I?” He questioned as he raised his brows, tilting his head to side while he glanced down to see Clay, snuggling closer to his torso. “Well, I try my best. Though sometimes… it’s not enough. I mean, I still don’t know how to change a diaper.”

Theo was like any new parent. Afraid of making mistakes, unsure of anything. Knox knew that feeling well, he still often felt that way. He nodded in reply. “You are. Really, Theo, there is no perfect way to parent. Yes, you make mistakes but you learn from them.” He chuckled a bit. “Its not hard. I can help teach you. I am no expert, but I will help you the best I can.”

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High school AU: Closed starter: Char



She smiled at him and and finished her first slice of pizza before starting a next slice. “Im glad that you like it here.” She said softly. ” And my mum probablly would foster you.”

He ate slowly. He was still a bit nervous, despite her reassurances. “I do. I really do.” he blinked in surprise at her last statement. “Be my foster family?T-there is a process, paperwork and stuff…I mean…that would be cool…but yea…” he stammered, getting flustered.

"I’ll have a word with mum about it later." She said with a grin. "Cos… at least here you’ll be happy… and protected and loved and it’ll be like a real family for you. Not just for the money… it’ll be to make you happy." She said and kissed his cheek.

Wow, a day and he may have a good foster family. One who understood him and his supernatural ways. A place to finally feel safe. He couldn’t imagine. Suppressing a smile he took another bite then looked at her. She was something. Something special. Stuffing another bite after he kissed her, he managed to hide his awkwardness. “Yea, it will…so, um, tomorrow…wanna hang out again? I mean…yea…”

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